{My Rainbow Surprise: Amy E. Sklansky}

{My Rainbow Surprise: Amy E. Sklansky}

{Synopsis} – Open your eyes and celebrate a dazzling world of colors in this imaginative rhyming board book with colorful tiered pages and a clever die-cut shape that looks just like a rainbow!
My Rainbow Surprise is sure to delight curious readers of all ages with its irresistible rainbow theme, rhyming text, foil title, and eye-catching illustrations by the talented Anna Dunn. A chunky, satisfying novelty board book that celebrates every color of the rainbow!

{My thoughts} – I am always interested in finding new board books to read to my 16 month old. This book didn’t disappoint me. It is brightly colored, the illustrations match the rhyming text nicely and it helps to teach basic colors in a fun way.

I look forward to sharing this book with my daughter in the very near future. I feel it is a book that she may enjoy having read to her.

I highly recommend this book for any parent of young children as you can never have enough books that can help teach your child basic words.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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