{Baby Monkey, Private Eye: Brian Selznick & David Serlin}

{Baby Monkey, Private Eye: Brian Selznick & David Serlin}

{Synopsis} – Who is Baby Monkey?

He is a baby.

He is a monkey.

He has a job.

He is Baby Monkey, Private Eye!

Lost jewels?

Missing pizza?

Stolen spaceship?

Baby Monkey can help…

if he can put on his pants!

Baby Monkey’s adventures come to life in a blend of picture book, beginning reader, and graphic novel.

{My thoughts} – This is by far one of the cutest beginner reader and chapter books I have come across. It’s got the needed repetitive words to help young readers learn and visualize what they have been reading over and over throughout the pages.

The illustrations match the words within the pages perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and flipping through the pages of this book.

It is a well thought out beginner reader that I believe had the potential to pull young readers into the pages.

I recommend this book for any beginner readers as it has the potential to help them become bookworms in the future. Also, let’s not forget it’s about a baby monkey!!! Who doesn’t want to read about a baby monkey?!?!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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