{When I Grow Up: Tim Minchin}

{Synopsis} – When I grow up,
I will be tall enough
to reach the branches
that I need to reach
to climb the trees
you get to climb when you’re grown up.

A group of children imagines all of the things that they will be able to do once they grow up, and they plan to do anything and everything. They hope to solve problems, play in the sun all day long, be brave, and even eat ice cream all day. The combination of Tim Minchin’s Tony Award-winning Matilda the Musical lyrics and Steve Antony’s joyful artwork is sure to inspire readers of all ages to explore the endless possibilities that the future could have in store.

{My thoughts} – This is a cute little story about a little child’s wishful thinking of how things will be when they grow up. The illustrations are nicely done and flow well with the words on each page.

I recommend this book for any child’s home library, because it shows them that it’s okay to imagine a future.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.






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