{The Ember Stone: Katrina Charman}

{The Ember Stone: Katrina Charman}

{Synopsis} – A terrible darkness is spreading across Perodia. Thorn, a powerful vulture, is using dark magic (and his dark army of spies!) to destroy the magical land. A young owl named Tag may be the only one who can save it! Tag dreams of one day becoming a brave warrior, but he is small . . . In this first book, Tag and his best friend — a squirrel named Skyla — meet the last firehawk. Together, the three friends learn about a magical stone. Could this stone be powerful enough to defeat Thorn? This action-packed series makes a great introduction to fantasy and quest stories for newly independent readers. Realistic black-and-white artwork appears on every page!

{My thoughts} – This is a new series to me through the Branches beginner chapter books that have been released through Scholastic. I wasn’t quite so sure about it because at first glance it appears to be a book geared more specifically towards boys. However, I quickly learned that the story within the pages can be geared towards both boys and girls as long as they are interested in reading about an adventure.

Tag is an owl that dreams to be one of the owls of Valor. He wants to be able to fight for the animals and do what he feels is right and brave. Him and his friend Skyla end up going on a mission to save an egg from some bats that are very bad. They work with a Vulture names Thorn and Thorn is after a stone called the Ember Stone. The egg they rescue happens to hatch and out pops a baby Firehawk, the last of its kind. According to the story the Firehawk, that becomes known as Blaze, is the only animal that can actually locate the stone.

Eventually, Tag, Skyla and Blaze go on an adventure to try and find it before Thorn can. If you’d like to know what happens you’ll need to read the book.

I really enjoyed this story and the illustrations that go along with it. I am sure that and child that enjoys reading about animals and adventures will also enjoy the book and it’s series.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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