{Will Sheep Sleep?: Hilary Leung}

{Will Sheep Sleep?: Hilary Leung}

{Synopsis} – One bed.
One sheep.
One timeless question: Will Sheep Sleep?

Meet Sheep. Sheep’s had a very busy day and now he is tired. . . but will Sheep finally be able to sleep? Find out in this surprising and memorable storybook all about friendship, compromise, and of course, bedtime routines.

A fresh and funny first book in a new series of animal question stories by creative talent Hilary Leung that will keep little ones laughing all the way to bed.

{My thoughts} – This book is about trying to sleep. It does the same as the previous and allows the opportunity to ask your little one questions and get responses.

The illustrations and the words match nicely within the pages of this book. Again there are Giraffes and I’m biased and in love with them. I think there needs to be a couple of books with the Giraffes as the main character. However, that is just an opinion.

I recommend this book to any parent with a small child. I’m sure that they will easily be able to slide it into a bedtime routine where it becomes one of the many bedtime stories being read each night.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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