{Robin Hood, the One Who Looked Good in Green: Wendy Mass}

{Synopsis} – Robin has a bad habit of getting into trouble, and a better habit of getting out of it (barely). He lives on an isolated outpost in the middle of nowhere and has no idea why his parents disappeared years ago. Then a strange delivery arrives at his doorstep, and the past is suddenly very present.

Marian was raised to be a very powerless girl in a very powerful family. But that hasn’t stopped her from making her own adventures and trespassing in some places her parents definitely don’t want her to see. She has no idea what life would be like outside of her home, until a mysterious invitation forces her to leave everything behind.

Robin and Marian have lived very different lives in very different places. Their paths should never, ever cross, but before they know it, they are thrown together on a quest that requires legendary bravery, quick-witted escapes, and the ability to get along with each other.

The sky’s no longer the limit on what Robin and Marian can do, as long as they manage to do it together.

{My thoughts} – Robin and Marian are two very different individuals that start in two incredibly different places in the world. As luck would have it, however, Marian ends up basically knocking on Robin’s front door and the two of them hit it off. It’s almost like they’d known each other their entire lives, they start telling each other everything and trusting each other tremendously.

When they both decide to take a trip together and end up in a different place then they are use to, they start to rely on each other more and more. They also start to trust the other and how they feel about things and the like.

This story falls in line nicely with the well known Robin Hood story. I think that anyone that likes Robin Hood will in fact like and enjoy this story. I recommend it for those individuals. I truly enjoyed reading it and am hopeful that there will be another book in the series sooner, rather then later.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.







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