{Good Night, Little Monsters: Kara LaReau}

{Good Night, Little Monsters: Kara LaReau}

{Synopsis} – Kids will never see monsters the same way after this heartwarmingly sweet bedtime story that proves little monsters’ bedtime routines aren’t so different from everyone else’s.
Good night, Frankenbaby.
Lay down your green head.
Let’s loosen your bolts and tuck you in bed.
Good night, my Lochnessie.
We’ll swim when we wake.
Now let’s snuggle close in the deep, cool lake.
Great for Halloween promotions, but perfect for all year round, this clever bedtime story has just the right amount of heart, humor, and imagination to send kids to sleep with big smiles on their faces, and comfort knowing that the monsters hiding under their beds aren’t so scary after all.

{My thoughts} – One of the more entertaining bedtime stories I have had the pleasure to read. I really enjoy reading stories that are Holiday themed. They help to show children the order in which Holiday’s fall throughout the year if they are read in regards to a specific Holiday.

This is a cute little bedtime story about the monsters that are generally used for dress up during Halloween by young children, but mostly in books etc. It uses a different little monster on each page and has them doing something that a child would generally do during a bedtime routine. I am one of those parents that seem to lack bedtime routines with all of my children. I do believe that it is something that is helpful and helps maintain order, but in my house it just doesn’t seem to happen.

I think that this is a wonderful book and that it will make a great addition to any child’s library.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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