{Let’s Go, Rescue Trucks!: Scholastic Inc}

{Let’s Go, Rescue Trucks!: Scholastic Inc}

{Synopsis} – Make way for a police car, ambulance, tow truck, lifeguard truck, fire truck, and snow plow! My lights flash bright red and blue. Helping out is what I do! I am a police car.

In this innovative new novelty book, the first of two in the Wonder Wheels series, little readers are introduced to these important rescue vehicles with fun, rhyming text that makes for a perfect read-aloud, with spinning cardboard wheels on every page! Toddlers will love interacting with their favorite rescue trucks while learning, as a rhyming refrain on every spread invites them to spin the vehicle’s wheels. Text callouts of each vehicle’s name help to reinforce language acquisition at this young age. This series combines interactivity with light nonfiction, bright colorful art, and a rhyming refrain that will have kids singing — all at a great low price! Make the wheels spin and let the rescue begin!

{My thoughts} – Rescue vehicles are always the most exciting to see for a child. They light up and make many sounds. This book has a nice little sentence on each page about the emergency vehicle and then on the next page it tells the child to spin the wheels. The book has wheels that are similar to gears. The child spins one and the one next to it spins right along with it. It is extremely neat how it is put together.

I showed this book to my two year old daughter and she loved it. She kept brining it back to me wanting me to keep reading it. It’s always cute when she brings a book to us and says “book read.”

The illustrations in this book match the words nicely. The fact that the wheels move like gears is an added bonus to how nice this book truly is. If you have a child that loves books that have things to do within the pages, this book is definitely for you and your child!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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