{Ninja at the Firehouse: Luke Flowers}

{Ninja at the Firehouse: Luke Flowers}

{Synopsis} – Moby Shinobi is a very helpful ninja! In this rhyming Level 1 reader, Moby heads to the firehouse to help the firefighters. Moby tries to hang up the gear, spray the hose, and climb a ladder, but each try ends in a funny mess. Moby wants to help, but he worries his ninja skills aren’t right for the job. When a cat gets stuck up a tree, it’s finally Moby’s turn to save the day! Easy-to-read, bouncy text and bright, full-color artwork make this the perfect book for young readers!

{My thoughts} – Moby Shinobi is at it again. This time he is at the firehouse. He has a rough time finding something there he can help with given it isn’t his area of expertise. Eventually he finds something to help with that he is really good at.

The illustrations match the words on the pages nicely. They go hand and hand with one another and help to show the reader what the author is trying to tell them. The bright illustrations help to keep the story appealing to children. It also helps to show children that even though they may not find something they are good at right away, eventually something will be discovered.

I recommend this book for early readers. It has simple phrases that early readers can breeze on through. I think that Moby Shinobi has the potential to become a beloved child’s character within the book world. This book will make a great addition to any child or teacher’s library.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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