{The Three Little Superpigs: Claire Evans}

{The Three Little Superpigs: Claire Evans}

{Synopsis} – After defeating the Big Bad Wolf, the Three Little Superpigs spend their days fighting crime and enjoying their newfound fame. But one day, the Big Bad Wolf escapes from prison and plunges Fairyland into fear. Our curly-tailed friends soon discover that bricks are missing all over town. The Superpigs return to their homes to solve the mystery when they realize it has all been a trap!

Join our new superheroes as they escape from the evil clutches of the Big Bad Wolf and save Fairyland in this first Superpigs adventure. Readers will huff and puff and laugh and laugh.

{My thoughts} – Everyone has read the story of The Three Little Pigs. This story is a continuation of that story. It’s an interesting take of what could have taken place after the original story had taken place. I really enjoyed reading this authors continuation of the story.

The words on the pages match the illustrations within the book nicely. The story is well thought out and well put together. The author definitely had put a lot of thought into this story and how they thought it could be continued on.

I recommend this book for anyone that enjoys the original story. I think it will make a nice addition to any child’s library as it has become a favorite of my two year old daughter. I definitely need to get a copy of the original tale for her.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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