{Eva’s Big Sleepover: Rebecca Elliott: #09}

{Eva’s Big Sleepover: Rebecca Elliott: #09}

{Synopsis} – It’s almost Eva’s birthday, and she can’t wait for her super-special sleepover. But one of her friends, Sue, doesn’t seem to want to come. It won’t be right without her there! Does Sue really not want to come? Or could she be having first-sleepover jitters? Eva will need to help Sue tackle her fear in time for the big party!

{My thoughts} – It’s almost time to celebrate Eva’s Hatchday! This is a very important day, because she’s celebrating the day she was born. Eva is so excited that she is going to have a sleep over party. Her and her friends plan and set up for the whole party.

Eva goes through a spot where she’s not sure if she wants to invite her classmate Sue. Sue wasn’t coming off as particularly nice and she starts to think if she invites her the party might be ruined. Eventually she does invite her and then everything turns out alright.

I always enjoy the little life lessons inside these books. In this one it is that just because someone isn’t nice to you, it doesn’t mean that you should be mean back. It also shows that sometimes when someone isn’t being really nice it is possible that something is bothering them as much as something might be bothering you.

I highly recommend these books. They teach nice little lessons. They are simple enough to read and understand and are illustrated with very colorful images.


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