{Good Night, My Love: Sandra Magsamen}

{Good Night, My Love: Sandra Magsamen}

{Synopsis} – Good night, my love. Sweet dreams, sleep tight.
I love, love, love you…. Nighty-night!

Fun-shaped lift-the-flaps, featuring sweet characters enjoying the bright and sunny day, flip open to reveal them dressed in pajamas, nightcaps, and fuzzy slippers, all tucked in and ready for bed. A perfect book for parents to share as they wish baby sweet dreams and good night.

Good Night, My Love reminds little ones how much they are cherished through Sandra Magsamen’s signature heartfelt text and cozy hand-stitched illustration style.

{My thoughts} – Have I written lately about how much I absolutely love this author? Well, if I haven’t I am again. I really enjoy her board books. They have nice little stories that are very much appealing to younger children. My two year old loves to have the books by this author read to her over and over and over again.

I really love the illustrations in these books and I love how the words match them so nicely. I love how they are written so simply and that you can spend hours reading to your child and they just plain enjoy every second of it!

I really think that any parent and child can fall in love with these books as much as my children and I have.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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