{Blog Design: Two}

{Blog Design: Two}

There comes a time when you make a new blog and you quickly throw something together and then a few days later you look at your creation and your thinking this needs to be changed. That’s what happened to me. I came to the conclusion I wasn’t happy with my blog layout/banner so I decided to create a new one.

{The Kits Used are} – My current blog design was created with with a number of different scrap kits that were created by Lliella Designs. The kits that I used are called Purrfectly Fuzzy, Buggy Love, Falltastic, Happy Hopity, Picnic Groove, Pixelaand and Tea House Mouse.

{I strongly believe in giving credit where credit is do} – whenever I make a new banner I will be making a post similar to this one to let everyone know where the supplies had come from and who the actual copyright belongs to.


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