{Identity Crisis: Melissa Schorr}

{Identity Crisis: Melissa Schorr}

{Synopsis} – Annalise’s audacious freshman-year hookup with Cooper Franklin has a trio of friends thirsting for revenge. So they catfish Annalise by creating the perfect virtual guy, with Noelle playing along reluctantly only because her lifelong crush, Cooper, is in love with Annalise. As Annalise falls for it, even scoring tickets to the concert of the year for her and her mythical new guy, Noelle feels more and more guilty. Then, the whole thing blows up. Annalise must face her betrayers and decide whether or not she can ever forgive.

{My thoughts} – Annalise is a massive fangirl of a group called the Brass Nuckles. Anyone that knows her knows she’s in love with the band.

Noelle is a member of a trio of mean girls. She’s not necessarily a mean girl herself, but she goes a long with them whenever they do mean things.

Last year Annalise had made the mistake of trying to comfort the boyfriend to Eva the head mean girl after Eva had broken up with him. It seemed that she didn’t want to be humiliated in front of the whole student body so she spun it as Annalise had somehow caused him to cheat on her with her. That’s the story she’d told everyone and that caused everyone to shame Annalise.

Annalise had been trying to move on from all that, and a boy in her class named Cooper seemed to really be into her. However, Noelle was really into Cooper, but Cooper didn’t seem to notice her.

Together the three mean girls made a fake profile of a boy named Declan on Facebook to catfish Annalise with. Noelle was the one doing all the chatting, and she’d thought the purpose was to distract Annalise from Cooper. However, that wasn’t what Eva had in mind. They used all the info they could against Annalise to make her believe she was talking to the guy of her dreams.

I don’t know about you but the thought of thinking that it’s possible someone might try to catfish me, I’d not be very amused. I know that it’s unlikely for you to realize things until it’s too late, but still it don’t seem like it could be that great of a situation. I’d hate to have confides and trusted in someone only to find out that everything they had been saying to me were lies on top of lies and more lies.

I think this book is incredible because it allows for the reader to understand that there are consequences to poor actions. That when you steal someone’s identity and pretend to be them, you can get into some serious trouble. I think that it’s amazing how well thought out and pulled together this book is and that it’s able to get some really important points across to the reader. This is definitely one book I will be having all of my children read in the future.

{Quotes I Enjoyed} –
1} Ever think of how much M&M’s reflect humanity? … We may come in different colors on the outside, but underneath? … We’re all the same. – Cooper
2} Someone said the other day that deep down, we’re all the same. We may look different. But we all have the same wants, desires and needs. – Annalise
3} A woman should never completely depend on someone else. She should be able to stand on her own two feet. Be prepared for the worst. – Annalise’s Mom
4} He just doesn’t get it, how high school is like a jungle; separate yourself from your pack and you might be eaten alive. – Noelle

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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