I honestly don’t remember when I made my last blog design. I know it has been up for quite awhile and I am in the mood for change. So I decided to make a new design. I made it as bookish as I could, by mixing and matching a number of different kits to get the outcome I wanted. I really like how it turned out and I hope that others do as well.

{The Kits Used are} – My current blog design was created with with a number of different scrap kits.
{01} – Get Lost in a Book {Bundle} by Day Dreams N Designs
{02} – Books! Books! Books! by Fran B. Designs
{03} – Bookworm Bundle by Mags Graphics
{04} – Bookworm by Ponytails
{05} – Imagine That by Boomer Girl Designs {No longer for sale}.
{06} – Bookworm by Boomer Girl Designs
{07} – Book Club by Thaty Borges {No Longer for sale}.
{08} – 100 Acres by Heather Z. Scraps
{09} – No Place Like Home by Boomer Girl Designs
{10} – Curiouser & Curiouser by Boomer Girl Designs
{11} – Color Pop Alphabet by Shawna Clingerman {No longer for sale}.
{12} – Pixieland by Lliella {No longer for sale}.
{13} – Hoppity by Lliella {No longer for sale}.
{14} – Picnic Groove by Lliella {No longer for sale}.
{15} – Bright Sunshiny Day by Lliella {No longer for sale}.

{I strongly believe in giving credit where credit is do} – whenever I make a new banner I will be making a post similar to this one to let everyone know where the supplies had come from and who the actual copyright belongs to.