{Christmas Treasure Hunt: Sarah Powell}

{Christmas Treasure Hunt: Sarah Powell}

{Synopsis} – This baby’s Christmas treasure hunt book is full of festive pictures to capture children’s imagination, and help them develop their matching and observational skills. Hidden among the repeated rows of photographs are simple odd-one-out pictures to seek and find, with a clue of what is different given in the rhyming text. Don’t miss the holiday bear hidden on the pages! He’s sneaky!

{My thoughts} – I am a huge fan of books that are hands on and problem solving. This book is a nice Christmas theme with patterns that help to do a seek and find for babies.

You can read the nice little rhymes on the pages and find what they ask you to find. There is also a hidden teddy bear to find on each set of pages. It’s brightly colored and packed full of fun for you little loved one.

I recommend this book for babies and toddlers alike. It has colorful illustrations and it has directions. It has the potential to help your baby learn new objects and how to find them on the pages. You can also use the pages in other ways. You can add directions, such as how many of such and such are on these pages? You can do many other directions as well. The options are fairly endless.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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