{Amazing Animals: Cherie Zamazing}

{Amazing Animals: Cherie Zamazing}

{Synopsis} – When a young boy accidentally knocks a painted fish pebble into water, he can’t believe his eyes.

Cherie Zamazing perfectly captures a young boy’s wonderment as his creativity sparks an adventure beyond his wildest dreams.

{My thoughts} – Zoo animals make their debut in this wonderful book about a little boy and an incredible imagination.

Peter enjoys painting pictures on stones that he finds. He accidentally discovers that if he has the painted rock do what the actual animal/object would do that he can bring them to life.

I found this book to have the ability to help boost a child’s imagination. It has wonderful illustrations that goes along nicely with the story. It also has a nice soft cover, which is comfortable for small hands to hold and page through.

I recommend this book for any young child, boy or girl. It has the ability to help them learn how to allow their sweet imaginations to soar!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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