{I Love Classical Music: Marion Billet}

{I Love Classical Music: Marion Billet}

{Synopsis} – Readers of every age will be enchanted by this charming board book with exceptional quality musical sounds that bring every charming picture to life.

I Love Classical Music has a button on every spread, which triggers one of six captivating sounds that introduces a memorable piece from some of the most beloved compositions of western classical music. An incredibly simple but utterly fascinating interactive book with sounds bound to enchant young readers and ignite an early love of classical music!

A delightful and compelling book in the My First Sound Book series that everyone in the family will enjoy reading — and listening to — again and again.

Includes pieces from:
– Mozart
– Vivaldi
– Strauss
– Schubert
– Tchaikovsky
– Paganini

{My thoughts} – I love this introduction to classical music through book for babies and toddlers. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have Beethoven in it. Classical music is rather enjoyable to listen to and I look forward to seeing if my babies will grow up enjoying listening to it as I did when I was a child. My older three have zero interest in it, but I still have hope that the babies will like it. This book has the potential to help them get use to it.

In this book you page through it and you push a button that plays a classical song and on that page the composer is listed. There are really nice simple graphics to go along with the songs that play on each page. My daughter really enjoys The Nutcracker Songbook and it is made in a similar fashion as this book.

I recommend this book for any baby or toddler that enjoys listening to music. This book has the potential to help any baby or toddler discover music that appeals to them. I look forward to reviewing more books in this particular series in the future.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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