{We Love the Farm: Rachael Saunders}

{We Love the Farm: Rachael Saunders}

{Synopsis} – In this sweet introduction to life on the farm, flip the pages of the little book to help mommy farm animals find their home with their families in the big book! With sturdy board book pages for little ones to grasp and turn on their own and a charming book-within-a-book format, We Love the Farm is everything you need to ensure a fun and informative first storytime experience. And with additional farm words and sounds on every page, little ones will want to explore the farm again and again!

Two books in one!

{My thoughts} – This is a unique take on lift the flap type books. Instead of lift the flap you turn the page of a smaller book inside the bigger book. The pages coincide with the rest of the book.

This book is all about farms. It centers around the main farm animals. The cow, hen, horse, pig, duck, and sheep. The smaller books pages have the main animal and then the outer pages have other animals that go along with the main animal. The first small page is a cow and the bigger pages are barn, calf, bull, milk and a sentence that says the sound the cow makes.

I really like how this book is put together, because it helps to teach children word association through pictures. It helps teach them other words that relate to the main animals on the smaller books pages. It also helps to teach the sounds that the animals make and can help the child associate the animals and their sounds. It’s amazing how much babies and toddlers can learn from these kinds of books.

The illustrations are cartoon like, but realistic enough that babies and toddlers will be able to recognize the actual object outside of the books pages. My two year old enjoys this book a lot. She starts by paging through the outer book and then pages through the smaller book if I am not there reading it to her. She really enjoys being able to look at books, but loves being read to even more.

I recommend this book for any child that likes farms or farm animals. I also think that any child that enjoys books in general has the potential to enjoy reading or having this book read to them on a regular basis.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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