{Peek-a-boo: Little Dog!: Susie Linn}

{Peek-a-boo: Little Dog!: Susie Linn}

{Synopsis} – Dog wants to play. Peek-a-boo! Turn the pages to discover the cute animal characters who want to play too and are hiding in every peep-through window. Delicate touch and feel textures, that are cut into the board pages, add to the sensory storytime fun.

{My thoughts} – Dog is wanting to play with his friends. In order to play with his friends you need to turn the pages and look through the small circle and see which friend is surprising you with a peek-a-boo.

When I brought this book out and I showed it to my daughter she immediately wanted to begin reading it. I wasn’t surprised, any new book comes into the house and right away she wants to read it and see what it is all about. If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are really big on books around here.

This book is really neat and it is unlike any I have come across in the past. It has a lot of interactive aspects to it. It has textures for your child to feel and touch and explore. It has the peek-a-boo windows for the new peek-a-boo friends to show up through on the next page. It also has the story within it’s pages. I do believe that this book is well thought out and incredible.

My daughter enjoyed exploring the book with all it’s textures. She enjoyed pointing to the peek-a-boo window with Dog’s friends in it. She also loved the book in a whole. When we were through reading it she took it to her older brother so that he could read it with her again for a couple of times.

This book is a really fun a creative book. I think that it has the potential to become one of my daughters loved books. She has a small handful of books that she brings to us on a daily basis to read over and over and over again. This is probably going to be one of those books and I can’t wait to see if that becomes the case.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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