{Goodnight Lion: Joshua George}

{Goodnight Lion: Joshua George}

{Synopsis} – Young children will love to help Lion find his animal friends in this interactive novelty book. Insert the included “magic torch” between the pages to find Lion’s friends in each nighttime scene and watch children glow with delight.

{My thoughts} – A different kind of take on your typical bedtime story book. In this book you get to see things a little differently. When you first open the book you have a torch slid inside the page for your little one to pull out and use as a means to find all the hidden animals throughout the pages.

My daughter really enjoyed reading this book together. When I’d shown her that her little pretend torch helps to make it easier to see the hidden animals on the pages she was more then delighted. I used the flashlight mode on my phone to help the the page up more for her to see. She even pointed to a couple of the correct animals as we were reading through the book.

It was really a lot of fun to read through the pages of this book with her. She enjoyed it quite a bit and continued to page through the book long after we were though. She enjoyed moving her pretend torch around the book to explore the pages.

I really like how this book helps children to learn how to associate things that go together. It also helps them to see cause and effect. They see that when they use the torch it helps to show them the animals that are hidden on the page, which is effect. I really think that this book is a wonderful book and hope to read and share more like it in the future with my daughters.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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