{A Little Piglet: Rosalee Wren}

{A Little Piglet: Rosalee Wren}

{Synopsis} – A day in the life of a little piglet is full of interesting things to learn about farm pigs.

Supports comprehension & vocabulary growth
Introduces animals & habitats
Strengthens a love for books & reading

{My thoughts} – A Little Piglet is a nice little board book that talks about the Piglets day. It mentions what the Piglet likes to do, compares it to other animals, and explains then has a brief nighttime page.

This book is small and easy enough for little hands to hold onto and open and close the pages. The illustrations and the text within the pages go hand and hand. I however, do think that this particular book has way to much text on the pages to keep a small child’s attention.

The way we read books with too many words are by reading a page and then pointing to things on the pages that we just read from. I like to turn it into a game so that it is more engaging for both myself and my child.

I think that this is a really nice book, but that it would work better as a beginner reader book as opposed to a 0+ month book. It however, is a lovely read and I will continue to share it with my girls as long as they want me to read it.

Final Conclusion: 4 Star Rating.


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