{In the Forest: Look Up, Look Around and Look Down: Jaye Garnett}

{In the Forest: Look Up, Look Around and Look Down: Jaye Garnett}

{Synopsis} – It’s three board books in one! Every animal helps the forest be strong and healthy. Explore up, down, and all around in the forest. You’ll meet all sorts of animals along the way, from a deer and a skunk to a beaver and a chipmunk. Look Up reminds us to look up at amazing things that are happening up above! In Look Around we will say hello to animals you might see on the forest floor. Look Down explores a peek at the animals that are busy underground and underwater. Come and explore today!

3 books in 1! Includes three 10-page books to enjoy!
Discover the forest and the animals that live up in the trees, on the forest floor, underground, and in the water
Thick, chunky board pages for little hands to turn the page
Learn interesting facts about forest animals along with your toddler, introducing your little one to animals & habitats
Great for home, daycare, or schools.

{My thoughts} – I found this particular book to be unique. It is a three book in one that allows children to learn more about the forest animals. It starts in book one up high in the tree and the sky, then goes to the ground level and then under ground.

The book is put together as one book then when you open the cover there are three board books inside. You can choose to read them in order or out of order. The illustrations and the words on the pages go together hand and hand and the coloring is perfect for the content within the book.

It is always fun to introduce children to new facts and new animals and to help them learn more things. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this book with both of my daughter and they both seemed to enjoy it as well. My oldest wanted to read it again after. I think she was fascinated by the three books in one. She kept flipping through the pages of the books I wasn’t reading at the time. A very handy distraction.

All and all I really like this book and I think it will make a great addition for any child’s home library.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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