{Mindful Moments at Bedtime: Paloma Rossa}

{Mindful Moments at Bedtime: Paloma Rossa}

{Synopsis} – A soothing bedtime ritual to read together offers moments of thoughtful conversation and restful reflection, for children and their grownups.

{My thoughts} – There is so much about this book that I absolutely love! I mean really, really head over heals love about this book. I’m going to start with the cover. The cover is beautifully illustrated to give the book a bedtime dreamy type of feeling. I believe the illustrator did a fantastic job relaying that type of feeling in the cover art.

When you start to page through the book you will continue to have the dreamy type feeling from each of the illustrations on all of the pages. The text within the pages is simple and easy to follow along instructions for what is expected of your child while you are reading the book together. There are different activities on each page. They range from tapping certain images for a certain number of times to saying what objects you are seeing in the clouds on the pages. Each set of pages has different illustrations and different directions.

I read through this book with both my girls. However, the two year old is the one that enjoyed it the most. She really enjoys doing hands on activities where she can wiggle around and move. I like how this book helps to engage your child while still being a fun bedtime book. This book was a definite hit with her and she brings it to me from time to time to read and do all over again. We don’t specifically read certain books at bedtime, instead she brings us whatever books she wants to read all throughout the day.

I think that this book has the potential to become a bedtime favorite in any household. If you have a child that loves doing simple activities while getting ready for bed, this may be the book for you and your child. Give it a try, you may find out that you both really enjoy it a lot.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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