{Have You Ever Heard a Unicorn’s Song?: Minnie Birdsong}

{Have You Ever Heard a Unicorn’s Song?: Minnie Birdsong}

{Synopsis} – Would you like to hear a unicorn sing? Let a fairy be your guide as you search around this magical kingdom. There are so many things to discover! In each scene, lift the flap and press the page to hear sound effects.

{My thoughts} – I absolutely love how dreamy and whimsical the cover to this book is. When you first look at it there is a spot on the cover that tells you to press here. When you press it the button activates a voice clip telling you the title of the book and asking you to come listen.

The illustrations and the words go together nicely in this book. On each set of pages is a rhyme and then there are two lift flaps opposite of that page. One Gives you instruction and the other tells you you found a sound and to press the button to hear it. My two year old absolutely loved turning the page before I was through reading so that she could push the button on the next flap.

I really enjoyed reading this book with my daughter. I did notice that at times she had a hard time activating the buttons and I had to do it for her. She hasn’t quite figured out when she needs to use more force when pushing down on something quite yet. Aside from that though it was a flawless read. It was a fun read and I hope to share more books like it in the future with my daughters.

I think this story would make a great bedtime story. It’s about finding a unicorn and hearing it’s song. You go through a couple of different critters and sounds before you finally do find the unicorn. Which when you do find it, in our case the first time reading the book my daughter had clapped her hands and said YAY! rather loudly.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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