{Nothing Is Scary With Harry: Katie McElligott}

{Nothing Is Scary With Harry: Katie McElligott}

{Synopsis} – Nothing Is Scary With Harry is a story about a girl, her blankie, and being brave. The story follows Katie throughout her childhood as she overcomes various scary scenarios with the help of her friend Harry the blanket. Through Katie s connection to Harry, Katie s mother learns that lovies are like best friends, and have no expiration date.

Life can be scary, so how can it be wrong to hold tight to something that makes you feel strong?

Beautifully illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell, and uniquely formatted in a printed-on board hardcover with linen-like pages, this adorable and generationally relevent story about the benefits of holiding onto a childhood comfort object is sure to resonate with parents and little ones alike. In this much more mobile and transient world, transitional ojects make us feel safe and connected in new and often scary environments.

{My thoughts} – Most children have adopted a security abject that they’d prefer to have with them at all times. Some children adopt a stuffed critter, others a blanket and some both a stuffed critter and blanket. It really all depends on your child and how often they are given the same blanket and or stuffed critter. I’m sure parents don’t realize it at the time but you have the ability to completely influence what becomes your child’s security object.

In this book the little girl has a blanket that she calls Harry. It goes and does everything with her from the time she’s a baby well into her adulthood. She learns that as long as she has her blanket that nothing is able to scare her, because it comforts her and helps her feel at ease when she has it. I have five children and four of them prefer to have their favorite blankets. I don’t see anything wrong with it, it lets them feel safe and happy and that’s what we as parents want most for our children.

My two year old will not go to sleep at all unless she has her favorite “Key” in bed with her. If we are going on a long road trip or if we are going to be gone more then a couple of hours we make sure we take it with us. As soon as she starts to get sleepy she is looking for it and if she doesn’t have it, we are left with a very cranky and unhappy two year old. We have two “Keys” that are the same blanket that are her favorites. Over the past six months she has started liking more and more other blankets, but still prefers the two original ones. I think it’s absolutely adorable and cute.

The illustrations in this book are simple and go together nicely with the words on each page. It’s a fun little story that helps to show children that it’s okay if you have a favorite security object. It shows them that the world understands it helps to comfort them and to make them feel happy. It helps to show them that even though they rely on that security object right now, that eventually sometime in the distant future they won’t be as reliant on it, and eventually they might be able to pass it on to someone else.

I look forward to reading this book time and time again with my daughters. It has a nice little story and it centers around a topic that is important to them. These kind of books make the best books in my opinion. The kind of books that your child has the potential to relate to on a regular basis.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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