{Hello, Crabby!: Jonathan Fenske}

{Hello, Crabby!: Jonathan Fenske}

{Synopsis} – Pick a book. Grow a Reader!

This series is part of Scholastic’s early reader line, Acorn, aimed at children who are learning to read. With easy-to-read text, a short-story format, plenty of humor, and full-color artwork on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and fluency. Acorn books plant a love of reading and help readers grow!

Crabby is NOT happy. Sun is in Crabby’s eyes. Salt is in Crabby’s teeth. Sand is in Crabby’s shell. Plankton tries again and again to cheer Crabby up — with laugh-out-loud results! Will Crabby ever crack a smile? Or will Crabby always be crabby? With comic speech bubbles and full-color artwork throughout, Geisel Award Honoree Jonathan Fenske’s early reader series is sure to be a hit with new readers!

{My thoughts} – I am always interested in finding beginner reader books. We have two little one’s that are going to be learning to read in a couple of years. The cover of this book is appealing. It has a Crab on it that looks kind of grumpy. The colors are bright, but not too bright that they are distracting.

Once you open up the book you’ll see the same very nice illustrations with a chat bubble/comic like style for the text. This style is extremely nice because it allows for easy to read sentences for the children that are first beginning how to read. It is important to understand that simple and easy to read text is essential for a beginner reader book. And this book definitely has everything needed to help a reader begin their reading journey.

I think this book can be the perfect addition to any home or classroom library. It’s well written, the text and the illustrations go together hand and hand and it’s funny in it’s own way. Any child that gets this book in their hands will definitely benefit from having it!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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