{Sun Down, Monsters Up!: Scholastic}

{Sun Down, Monsters Up!: Scholastic}

{Synopsis} – Pitchfork Pines Preschool is anything but normal. Once the sun goes down, the Super Monsters are ready to learn how to be the best monsters they can be!

Drac is the son of Dracula, the most famous vampire around. Katya can cast magic spells! And Lobo is a lightning-fast werewolf! When a new student arrives one night, the monster friends are eager to discover her powers and make a new friend. But Zoe is a little shy. Can the Super Monsters show her how much fun they have at preschool?

Learn about each of the Super Monsters in this super-cool storybook. Includes glow-in-the dark stickers and glow-in-the-dark cover!

{My thoughts} – Super Monster’s is a really fun and colorful series on Netflix. My two year-old enjoys watching it from time to time.

The cover to the book is in par with the series cartoon. The characters match and it looks really nicely put together. The illustrations throughout the book go hand and hand with the storyline.

This particular book is about a new student named Zoe joining the Super Monster Preschool. When she first gets there, she hangs back and a bit shy. It takes her a bit of time to find her grove. But eventually she does find her place and starts to show others in the class how great of a painter she is once she becomes comfortable enough with everyone.

I really think that this book will be a hit with most children because it is based on the popular Netflix series. It also helps to show children that it’s okay to be shy and hang back until they feel more comfortable when they are placed in new environments.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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