{Little Giraffe’s Big Idea: Benjamin Richards}

{Little Giraffe’s Big Idea: Benjamin Richards}

{Synopsis} – “Far, far away, lived a little giraffe called Gregory who had no one to play with.”

Join Gregory the little giraffe in this funny story about friendship and accepting others.

{My thoughts} – Little Giraffe is fairly bored because he doesn’t have anyone to play with. He decides to try and come up with a solution to that problem. He decides to find ways to pretend to be the other animals.

As the story progresses he interacts with many other animals. They all tell him he is too different and they cannot play with one another. This ends up hurting Little Giraffe’s feelings.

Towards the end of the story all the animals dress up as giraffes and ask Little Giraffe if he’d like to play with them.

I really like this story. It helps to show children that no matter how different you are from one another, that it’s okay to still be friends. It helps to show that everyone should be included and no one should be excluded.

I strongly believe that all children can benefit from reading this book. The colors are nice, the illustrations are fun, and the words within the book have the potential to have a resounding impact on the lives of the children it is shared with.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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