{This Is MY Fort!: Drew Daywalt}

{This Is MY Fort!: Drew Daywalt}

{Synopsis} – Meet Monkey and Cake.
Cake has lots of questions. Monkey has lots of answers.
They are silly. They are curious.
Sometimes they fight.
But Monkey and Cake are always best friends.

When Cake decides to build an exclusive fort, Monkey feels left out. But before long, Cake discovers that being alone in a fort is no fun! Will these friends be able to work together, and find room for both of them?

Drew Daywalt, author of the New York Times bestselling Crayon series, is one of the most influential voices in children’s literature today. Brought to life by Olivier Tallec’s expressive illustrations, Monkey and Cake combines the relatable humor of Elephant and Piggie and the wise friendship of Frog and Toad, inviting readers to laugh along and let their imaginations soar.

{My thoughts} – In this all new book, Monkey and Cake have a bit of conflict over Cake building a fort. Cake builds a fort and says that Monkey isn’t allowed in it. Then Monkey decides that everything that isn’t in Cake’s fort is his fort and says that Cake isn’t allowed in his fort but trapped in his fort.

Sometimes when you are doing things you get wrapped up in them and forget that other people exist too. Sometimes you forget that you have the most fun when you are doing things with your friends. When you are sharing things with your friends. I know that Cake and Monkey didn’t get along the best in the beginning of this book but they did work it out in the end and that’s a good lesson for children to learn.

This book is hardcover and the cover is bright green. It is very eye catching and the illustrations are simple. The words on each page match the illustrations which should help children grasp the meanings of the words. I also think that this book is created similar to an introductory to graphic novels. The words and sentences are all written in thought bubbles. I do like how this book is made. It is a fun book that I can’t wait to share with my daughters.

I recommend this book as an early reader. I do believe that children can benefit from reading this book. That it can help them with not only vocabulary improvement but also a life lesson.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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