{Pig the Stinker: Aaron Blabey}

{Pig the Stinker: Aaron Blabey}

{Synopsis} – Pig the Pug and his best friend Trevor are back for another hilarious adventure in the bestselling series!
In this hilarious adventure, Pig the Pug STINKS! Pig likes to be smelly, so he rolls around in the garbage, laps up spoiled milk, tracks dirty paw prints all over the house, and even sticks his head in the toilet! But enough is enough! Pig’s owner tries to get him to take a bath, but Pig refuses! Pig has a plan to stop up the tub, but when it backfires, will Pig get clean after all?

Rich with author-illustrator Aaron Blabey’s signature rhyming text and unforgettable illustrations, Pig the Stinker is a laugh-out-loud story that teaches Pig — and readers — an important (and hilarious) lesson, just like in the five previous books in the series (Pig the Pug, Pig the Winner, Pig the Elf, Pig the Star, and Pig the Fibber).

{My thoughts} – I have not read any of the previous books in this series before. I am thankful that I read through books before I share them with my children. This book is a funny book about a dog that just refuses to get a bath. He is messy and dirty and makes a mess out of things.

The cover has Pig the Pug on it wearing a shower cap. It’s nicely colored and about what you’d imagine of a dog getting ready for a bath. The words within the pages go nicely with the illustrations. However, I am not a fan of some of the words used. “You stinky old nmutt!” I realize these are probably words used in most households, but I am not okay with them in a children’s book. I don’t like things that portray negativity. I don’t want my girls to talk like that about a person, let alone an animal. Other then that it’s a pretty nice book. If you have similar feelings about words such as those, you may want to change the words around a little like I did. “You are one silly mutt!” is what I read it as as opposed to what was written.

This is a fun book and I am sure many children will fall in love with it. I see it being a bonus fall in love with book if they are fans of dogs. I think it could make a nice addition to any child’s home library.

Final Conclusion: 4 Star Rating.


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