{A Bad Case of Hiccups: Shannon Penney}

{A Bad Case of Hiccups: Shannon Penney}

{Synopsis} – When the sun goes down, it’s time to monster up!

The Super Monsters are ready for a fun night at Pitchfork Pines Preschool! All the monsters are showing off new skills they’ve learned. Just as Katya is about to perform a new spell, she gets a bad case of the hiccups. It makes her magic go crazy! Everyone starts offering her their family cures for hiccups, but nothing is working. Will Katya ever get rid of her hiccups so her magic can go back to normal?

This Level 1 reader is full of art from the popular Netflix show. Includes glow-in-the-dark cover and poster!

{My thoughts} – Most young children these days are able to watch Netflix. Netflix has a wide variety of shows for young children to watch. Some well known, some not so much.

Super Monsters is a Netflix original. My two year old loves to watch this show. I was really happy to get this book to read with her. Even though it is a beginner reader, the pages have such simple sentences and words on them that it is easy for even the youngest of children to sit still and listen to the story.

In this story the Super Monsters have a nice little story about one of the monsters having the magic hiccups. Those hiccups cause Katya’s magic to be a bit on the unusual side. She wants to turn a rock into a cat toy, but because of the hiccups so much other strange things have been happening with her magic, and none of the things are what she wants to happen. She tries a few suggestions to try and get rid of the magic hiccups, but they don’t work. Eventually she ends up waiting them out.

This is a really nice story for young children. Most young children have the ability to relate to it. Honestly who hasn’t had the hiccups and been annoyed by them? I really liked this book and look forward to using it to teach my daughter how to read with it.

I love how a lot of the beginner readers like these relate to things that children know and love. These books help to grab the interest of the child and help them to want to learn to read. They learn to read through interest. These books are nothing short of wonderful when it comes to teaching a child to read.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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