{The Bad Guys in Mission Unpluckable: Aaron Blabey}The Bad Guys in Mission Unpluckable by Aaron Blabey
Illustrator: Aaron Blabey
Published by Scholastic Press on February 28, 2017
Genres: Childrens, Graphic Novels, Middle School
Pages: 144
Format: Paperback
Source: Store Bought
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{Synopsis} – The Bad Guys next mission? Rescue 10,000 chickens from a high-tech cage farm. But they are up against sizzling lasers, one feisty tarantula, and their very own Mr. Snake…who’s also known as “The Chicken Swallower.” What could possibly go wrong?

Get ready to laugh up your lunch with the baddest bunch of do-gooders in town!

{My thoughts} – The Bad Guys are on an all new mission. On this mission they are going to try and rescue 10,000 little chickens that are locked up in a high-tech farm. Their secret weapon that is going to help them to get inside: a tarantula. Don’t get me wrong, it can only turn out one of two ways, they can get in undetected or they end up in a sticky situation.

The text and the illustrations within this book blend together flawlessly. I really enjoyed reading and learning more about The Bad Guys. I have to admit though, that the snake is becoming my least favorite character in this series. He is just so sneaky and well such a lying sack of bolonga throughout the pages. Out of each of the characters in this book which is your favorite?

What’d you think about the way in which the book ended? What do you think is going to come from the ending? Have you reached any new conclusions about The Bad Guys?

I am interested to see where the next book is going to lead us. I am also interested in seeing what will come of The Bad Guys and of course how many more close calls are we going to see throughout the series. Join me as I continue through the adventures that The Bad Guys continue to go on, oh, um I mean the missions!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.