{New Adventures Story Box: Scholastic Inc}

{New Adventures Story Box: Scholastic Inc}

{Synopsis} – Six Peppa Pig storybooks in one convenient carrying case with plastic handle.

Young readers can now carry their favorite Peppa Pig storybooks with them wherever they go in one convenient box set with a handle!

Storybooks include: Learning to Share, George Catches a Cold, Peppa Plays Soccer, Family Trip, Georges New Dinosaur, Dentist Trip.

{My thoughts} – {Set Completed on 05.13.2019}
{01} – Peppa Plays Soccer: Soccer can be a fun game for children to play. It helps them to learn teamwork and how to work together in order to make a goal. However, in this book, quite the opposite takes place. There doesn’t appear to be a real understanding of the game and feelings get hurt. When Peppa’s dad gets involved it goes a little smoother. However, in the end, Peppa and her friends still need to learn what it means to play the game of soccer.
{02} – George Catches a Cold: Peppa and George play outside in the rain. They are told to keep their rain coats and hats on. George doesn’t listen and throws his in the mud. He ends up getting sick with a cold. He is told to go to bed and the next day he is feeling much better.
{03} – Learning to Share: Children seem to have a hard time learning what it means to share. Peppa and Rebecca’s little brothers are told to play together because they both have toy dinosaurs. They are asked to share with one another, but they don’t understand what that means and both end up crying. In the end they learn to share be going on the seasaw together, because it takes two to be able to play on it.
{04} – Dentist Trip: The first trip to the dentist can be a scary situation for anyone. Peppa and George need to have a visit with the dentist. It is just a check up, but it is George’s first time. Peppa goes first to show George that their is nothing to be afraid of and before they know it the appointment is over and they are on their way home.
{05} – Family Trip: Peppa’s family goes on a trip to Italy. They get to see a lot of nice places and enjoy time together as a family. They each get to relax and fly on a plane. It is a lot of fun, but they are mostly happy to be back home when the trip is over.
{06} – George’s New Dinosaur: George loses part of his favorite dinosaur toy. His parents take him to buy a new dinosaur. They buy one that walks, talks and sings. George quickly learns that this dinosaur isn’t the same as the one that George had before. That he has to play with it nicely and he can’t play with it outside or in the water. George starts to miss his old dinosaur. The next day Peppa finds the missing piece to George’s favorite dinosaur and Daddy Pig fixes it. George is much happier to have his old toy back then to have the new one that has too many rules when it comes to playing.

{Conclusion} – This is a nice set of children’s books. I’d drop them in the fun stories based on children’s television show categories. My two year-old enjoys all things books, but she has not seen the television show that these are based on. I am not in much of a rush to show it to her as I’d rather read her and her younger sister the books. The text is a little long for children her age, but she sat through it nicely and wanted me to continue reading through each book. The illustrations are spot on with the television series which helps to make the books recognizable to children that enjoy the television series. All and all I enjoyed reading this set of books with my daughter and look forward to reading more Peppa Pig books to her in the future.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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