{Perfecto Pet Show: Pepper Springfield}

{Perfecto Pet Show: Pepper Springfield}

{Synopsis} – Get ready for one perfecto school pet show with the Bobs and Tweets!

Dean Bob and Lou Tweet can’t wait to perform in the first-ever Bonefish Street Elementary School Pet Show. They’ve practiced their performances over and over again, and together with their pets, they’re ready to shine!

But it looks like their families, the Tweets, who are neat, and the Bobs, who are slobs, aren’t going to make getting to the show easy. What will happen when the Tweets and Bobs have a showdown before the show? And what if all that fighting makes Dean Bob too nervous for his performance? Find out in another wacky family saga full of pets, school antics, and two very silly families!

This second book in the Bobs and Tweets series is filled with full-color, illustrations and high-interest rhymes that’s just right for reluctant readers. It’s Dr. Seuss meets Captain Underpants wrapped into one zany school adventure! So go ahead, read and laugh with the Bobs and Tweets!

{My thoughts} – Lou Tweet and Dean Bob are getting ready to take part in a school Pet Talent Show of sorts. Both are not very sure they want to tell their families and invite them. Eventually they do and then the day of the show comes around. Both families have a different outlook on life and the way it should be. Both families also have one member that helps to keep the whole family grounded in a sense.

The day of the show things couldn’t get any worse for the Tweet’s. They tried to leave early and all end up crashing and then the Bob’s have to help them. It all works out in the end. Both families get to the show just in enough time before it starts.

I really like this book. It is a chapter book for young children that is written in rhyme. It’s fun to read and it flows really nicely. I like how the graphics kind of sort of remind me of Dr. Sues books in a sense. These are great for children that have learned to read or want to be read too!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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