{The Big Shrink: Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle & Emily Jenkins}

{The Big Shrink: Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle & Emily Jenkins}

{Synopsis} – The Upside-Down Magic kids are back in another topsy-turvy adventure in the next installment of this New York Times bestselling series!
Marigold Ramos can magically make things small – sometimes very, very small. The only problem? She can’t figure out how to make them big again.

Maybe a new tutor can help Marigold manage her magic. And maybe her magic will come in handy as she and her friends in the Upside-Down Magic class band together to protest a new rule by their principal, a super unfair rule that bans them from bringing their amazing new toy dragons to school.

But when Marigold starts shrinking her friends and the class bunny, it’s a humongous problem! It’s time to figure out how Marigold and her friends can make a big statement… without disappearing entirely!

{My thoughts} – I really am a huge fan of this series. I think it is brilliantly written and I always look forward for the new releases in the series. I have enjoyed getting to know Nory and the other students that are a part of the Upside Down Magic Class. This series truly helps you to explore your imagination.

In this all new book Nory and her friend Marigold decide to start a peaceful protest. They are upset because the principal has banned the newest toy fad from being allowed at their school period. He found the toy to be obnoxious and disruptive therefore he banned them from school grounds. Nory comes up with the idea to plan a protest and Marigold is the one that has to help her execute it.

The whole idea is to shrink as many children in the 5th grade class as a means of proving that they all stand together. Marigold is the only student that has the ability to shrink others students. She agrees to go along with the plan because she has been practicing making things big and she believes she will be able to make all the students bigger after they are done with the protest. Which she is hoping will result in them being able to bring their toys back on school grounds again.

I’m sure you can guess that it turns into a bit of a disaster, I mean what can one expect. Marigold is an Upside Down Magic kid, which means she doesn’t always have full control of her magic. A lot happens in this book that makes you understand that friendship, unity, and sticking to one’s beliefs are key to a successful peaceful protest. However, I’m sure that they could have found a more logical means of protesting had they considered the possibility of putting more thought towards it.

This book was a great addition to the series. It had all the key elements of all the previous books and it kept me interested in the story line. I look forward to when my littles will be able to read these books with me, or when I can read them to them, because I really enjoy the stories that unfold within their pages. I also look forward to reading any future books written by these three authors as well as previous books I have not yet had the pleasure of devouring.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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