{Too Many Unicorns, Fairies & Mermaids: Jenny Copper}

{Too Many Unicorns, Fairies & Mermaids: Jenny Copper}

{Synopsis} – There are unicorns hiding on every page of this search and find book. Just flip the flaps to find them playing in a forest, swimming with mermaids, dancing with fairies, prancing with princesses, and even shopping in a toy store. The fun rhyming words and the search and find activity encourages word and picture association, which helps young children develop language and early reading skills. Can you find them all?

{My thoughts} – My daughter really loves the dinosaur version of this book. So, of course we had to buy her the Unicorn version as well. This is a nice little seek and find book that allows for you to read a story in rhyme to your child. They then get to look on the page for the objects in which correspond with the rhyme on the bottom of the page. The thing is with this book though you can flip to any set of objects and mismatch the pages, they will all match the seek and find puzzle and you can find all the object in each of the puzzles. I like that about these books. It makes it easy for a child to know that what they are trying to find will be there, no matter what set of objects or what puzzle they are looking at.

The illustrations on the pages go together nicely. I am a real fan of the illustrations in these hooks as well as the authors way of writing them. My daughter really enjoys being able to flip through the pages and find the missing objects on the pages. It is a lot of fun for both of us to spend that quality one on one time together. I really hope that there will be more books released in the series in the future! These are fun books for littles and are greatly enjoyed over and over within my house.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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