{T. Rex: King of the Dinosaurs: Scarlett Wing}

{T. Rex: King of the Dinosaurs: Scarlett Wing}

{Synopsis} – Touch, read, and discover all about the incredible T.rex with your toddler and Smithsonian Kids! Featuring special embossing to highlight fun facts about these “kings of the dinosaurs,” this book engages both verbal and tactile learning skills. Embossed textures and bright, detailed photographs and renderings from Smithsonian are sure to engage, entertain, and educate your curious toddler.

Embossed pictures allow your toddler to touch and feel as they learn.
Learn surprising facts about these amazing prehistoric creatures.
Facts and images from Smithsonian Kids are sure to educate and entertain.
Our First Discovery books engage your toddlers verbal and tactile learning skills with fun facts for you to read paired with textured embossing over the images.
Practice preschool and kindergarten skills with Smithsonian!

{My thoughts} – This is a fun little book all about the T. Rex. It is a nice little board book that allows children the option to touch and feel as the book as being read to them. The images are realistic, which means the child is seeing them for what they are assumed to have looked like back in the day when they were roaming the world.

This book is much more realistic then what my daughter prefers. She is more into the cute cartoon like dinosaurs. However, she really did enjoy looking at the pictures within the book and pointing to things waiting for me to tell her what stuff was. I really enjoy when we can add new words to her ever increasing vocabulary and this book helped with that.

I do think that this book has a bit more information then a three year-old can handle, but it is a fun book to look through and let your child point at things. I look forward to exploring more books from this series in the very near future.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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