{Squishy Squashy Dinosaur: Jenny Copper}

{Squishy Squashy Dinosaur: Jenny Copper}

{Synopsis} – Squish and squash the dinosaur as you read the rhyming story and discover all the things that Dinosaur loves to do. Perfect for interactive play, for shared reading or for reading alone, these delightful, touchable books are full of squishy squashy fun!

{My thoughts} – I am in love with the way in which this book is created. I have reviewed the “Squishy Squashy Unicorn” book in the past. Both my girls really like unicorns and dinosaurs so I was excited to get this book for review. The colors of the cover are bright but soft pastel like tones that are eye catching and appealing for little children. The illustrations and the words within the pages flow with one another nicely. The text is written in a simple and easy to understand poem like fashion. My daughter absolutely loved being able to squish the dinosaur each time the book had pointed out where to squish. I really like that this book helps to teach young children how to identify body parts in a nice and fun fashion. I look forward to sharing more books like this with my daughters in the future.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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