{Tiny Town Hide and Seek Counting: Joshua George}

{Tiny Town Hide and Seek Counting: Joshua George}

{Synopsis} – Children will love to count how many items are hiding on the pull-the-tab sliders. Rhyming text adds to the fun and encourages playful interaction. Perfect for adults and children age three and up to discover together, this title is sure to become a firm family favorite.

{My thoughts} – This is a nice little book that helps to introduce and teach simple counting to your little ones. I like how nice and simple the illustrations are on both the cover and within the pages of the book. The text within the book is simple questions that can easily be answered by having your child count the objects and then pull the tab to see if they were right. I am in awe with the simplicity of the book, but also with knowing that it can be used as a good teaching tool for beginner counting in a fun way. My daughters really enjoyed paging through the book and then pulling out the tabs as we were reading. It was a fun and interactive reading activity that I enjoyed sharing and doing with them. I look forward to sharing more books like this one with them in the future!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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