{Peek-a-Boooo!: Sandra Magsamen}

{Peek-a-Boooo!: Sandra Magsamen}

{Synopsis} – It’s Halloween and you can be a monkey hanging in a tree.
Or you can be a bunny my precious little honey.
Little ones will love this adorable new Halloween novelty book from the bestselling baby and toddler brand creator, Sandra Magsamen. They will adore the die-cut felt pumpkin on the front cover, and the peek-through mirror on every page is sure to entertain as they try on a wide variety of costumes and ultimately discover who is loved most of all! A perfect book for cuddling up with your little pumpkin and celebrating the Halloween season.

{My thoughts} – I absolutely love the style in which Sandra Magsamen both writes and Illustrates her books. They are written in a simple style with fun and eye catching graphics.

This particular book is Halloween Themed and is about being whatever you choose to be, while in the end remaining true to ones self. I love books that help to show children that it’s okay to be themselves. That they don’t have to really change who they are in order to be liked etc. This book starts to show them that at a young age in a silly sort of way.

I think that any child can learn to love this book. It allows them to look at themselves in a mirror and imagine themselves being the animals listed within the pages of the book.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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