{Haunted Halloween: Sue Fliess}

{Haunted Halloween: Sue Fliess}

{Synopsis} – Halloween comes to life in this rhyming romp with adorable trick-or-treaters and a spooky countdown, all leading up to one exciting holiday surprise — a party!

Haunted night, monsters, fright.
Enter there… if you dare.
One bat hangs, pointy fangs.
Two toads sleep. Earthworms creep.

Kids will delight in turning the die-cut pages of this innovative novelty as they count owls, ghosts, black cats, and other spooky things from one to 10 in this fun, interactive book that’s perfect for Halloween promotions!

{My thoughts} – This is a cute little book about trick or treating. It helps to show children that there isn’t any real reason to be scared, because none of the stuff your seeing is actually scary.

The words and the illustrations blend together nicely. They help to show the reader exactly as the author intended them to see. I think it is a book that was brilliantly put together and that it will make a nice addition to any child’s library come Halloween time.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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