{Letter Town: A Seek-and-Find Alphabet Adventure: Darren Farrell}

{Letter Town: A Seek-and-Find Alphabet Adventure: Darren Farrell}

{Synopsis} – Excuse me friend, have you yet
seen the home of the alphabet?
Come with me, I’ll show you around
this lovely place called Letter Town.

Follow Bus Driver B through the jam-packed pages full of letters at work and play in a town unlike any other. From Avenue A to Zoo Z, there’s always something to spot and see in Letter Town. Each bus stop reveals a new part of the town, while the bouncy rhyming narrative uncovers sneaky Detective D’s mission to capture Robber R, who is causing mischief throughout the neighborhoods. And don’t forget to be on the lookout for more hilarious letter characters and creatures on every page!

In Letter Town, author-illustrator Darren Farrell takes up the rhyming seek-and-find mantle, applying his own singular charm and humor through the vast and varied wonders of the alphabet. Also included is a reverse jacket alphabet poster for little ones to proudly display and exercise their own letter-seeking and writing abilities.

{My thoughts} – Letter Town is a neat little seek and find book. Each letter needs to be found on the pages as you are paging through. It also asks you to find other things to like for the letter S it asks you to find who says HoHoHo. I think it’s a nice little book for sure.

The words on the pages go together with the illustrations wonderfully. They blend in together to make a wonderful book for little children. I really enjoyed reading and paging through it. I can’t wait to share it with my daughter once she gets to the age in which she can identify letters in the alphabet!

I think this is an incredible book and that any child would enjoy having it added to their bookshelves.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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