{Lift the Flap: Look Who’s Mooing!: Scholastic Inc}

{Lift the Flap: Look Who’s Mooing!: Scholastic Inc}

{Synopsis} – Look Who’s Mooing! is a multi-button sound book with flaps to link pictures, words, and animal sounds.

Each of the 10 sound buttons in the sound bar provides one animal word. Children can look at the picture of the animal, press the button, and hear the sound! The book also features 25 different kinds of animals — from down on the farm to deep in the ocean!

Flaps throughout the book also reveal the baby name of each animal for extra learning and interactivity.

Scholastic Early Learners: Interactive books for hands-on learning. Perfect for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders, too!

{My thoughts} – There is so much awesomeness going on with this book. Scholastic Early Learners have it all figured out when it comes to helping children learn the basics. I really enjoy it when we get busy books as I call them for review. These busy books as I call them are such a huge hit with my two year old daughter. She loves these kinds of books.

In this book you have lift the flaps that have more things for children to look at and explore within the pages of the book. There are also sound buttons that add to the learning and associating of sounds and animals within the pages of the book. There are many ways to read this book. You can simply read it to your child without lifting the flaps. You can read the pages and then lift the flaps while reading. You can read the pages while pushing the buttons that go along with the animals on the pages. You can ask your child what the animals are on the pages and what sounds they make without reading the book. Books like these open up so many opportunities and options for learning.

I really love the Scholastic books like these. With the white backgrounds and the bright colors. The simple but realistic graphics and how simple the words are on each page. The graphics and the words on each page go together nicely and they help to teach the reader animals and the sounds that they make.

I recommend this book for any child that loves animals and making animal noises. This book has the potential to completely engage the reader. Since I have gotten this book in the mail I’ve read it more then a dozen times with my daughter. She is a true fan of books like this. However, at this time the only animal sound I have gotten her to repeat is “woof, woof” for dog and even that is on rare occasions!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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