{Ready for Action: Brian Lynch}

{Ready for Action: Brian Lynch}

{Synopsis} – Grumbolt is majoring in action!

He’s finally getting to follow his dreams at Toy Academy, from learning daring maneuvers, to getting paired up with a sidekick!

Grumbolt can’t wait to find out who his sidekick is… until it turns out that he’s the sidekick. And to school bully Rex Everything, no less. This duo will never work.

But when a toy named Tempest Boomcloud kidnaps a classmate and steals Rex’s van, it looks like Grumbolt and Rex will have to work together to stop Tempest’s evildoing and figure out why she’s terrorizing them. Can they stop fighting long enough to brave dangerous lairs, vanquish terrifying teddy bears, and stop Tempest?

This laugh-out-loud chapter book by Brian Lynch, the writer of Minions and a writer of The Secret Life of Pets, and illustrated by Edwardian Taylor, is stuffed full of action and fun.

{My thoughts} – Grumbolt is back with an all new adventure. In this adventure he gets to major in action at the Toy Academy. This is a really big deal because he is a stuffed critter, and they aren’t usually considered action figures. However, since he was able to help save the Academy in the last book, he was given the opportunity to switch majors.

In this adventure he teams up with his friend Micro and a few others and the help to try and save Toy Academy once again. However, Micro gets paired with a sidekick and Grumbolt becomes someone else’s sidekick. This isn’t exactly what he’d thought switching majors was suppose to mean for him. He does do his best to handle it the best he can and he tries to look at things in a positive light. However, that isn’t always easy for him when he feels he isn’t adequate enough to be an action hero, let alone a sidekick.

I really like how this book helps to show children that even if they don’t think they are good enough at one thing or another. That it’s okay as long as they try their best and they don’t give up. I like that it shows children that you can make some new friends in the most unlikely places as well.

I found this book to be a quick and fun read. I think that any child could fall in love with the character of Grumbolt, because he is just a lovable character in my opinion. If you have a child that enjoys movies like the Toy Story Series, I am sure they will fall fastly in love with this book series.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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