{Once Upon a Time: Claire Evans}

{Once Upon a Time: Claire Evans}

{Synopsis} – Everyone thinks they know how the Three Little Pigs defeated the Big Bad Wolf. But that’s not the whole story.

The Three Little Pigs always dreamed of being superheroes. They wore superhero outfits and played superhero games. But when they move to Fairyland, they finally get to put their superhero skills to use! When the Big Bad Wolf blows down the houses of the first little pig and the second little pig, all seems lost. But, luckily, the third little pig comes up with a SUPER plan to save the day!

The hilarious twist on the Three Little Pigs story teaches readers how exactly the Three Little Pigs became the superpigs who protect Fairyland from the Big Bad Wolf.

{My thoughts} – A fun book based off the beloved three little pigs story most children learn in kindergarten. The cover of the book is nicely illustrated and the text within the pages go hand and hand.

If you know the original story you know that the three little pigs each build a house. They build a house in an attempt to hide from the big bad wolf. However, eventually the wold finds ways to get to them. This book follows that same premise.

It also has it’s own spin on the classic story. It helps children to see if you work together you can accomplish anything. That when you trying to out smart a big bad wolf three heads thinking up ideas are better then one. It helps to show that teamwork really is a good thing.

I recommend this book for anyone that enjoys the original story. I think it will make a nice addition to any child’s library as it has become a favorite of my two year old daughter.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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