{Zen Happiness: Jon J Muth}

{Zen Happiness: Jon J Muth}

{Synopsis} – This beautiful, small-format gift book contains twelve inspiring and affirmational sayings that take on deeper meaning when paired with Jon J Muth’s profoundly beautiful Zen books, many featuring the beloved panda bear, Stillwater.

This is a book to cherish. Every saying inspires delight, and each picture is worth a thousand words!

Nourishment for the spirit!

{My thoughts} – This is the first book like this that I am have had the pleasure to review. Each of the affirmational sayings within the pages of the book, have a deeper meaning that children may not understand at first. However, the more you read the book with your child and the more your child asks questions, sooner rather then later they will grasp each and every meaning. The illustrations are a wonderful addition to this book. I also like how simple the sentences are, how they are placed on a solid background. This book has the potential to be used as an early reader book for young children that have already learned the basics of reading.

My favorite saying in this book is “With our thoughts, we create the world.” The reasons I like it so much is because I am a book reviewer and I love to read. Authors write down their thoughts when they are creating books and those thoughts help to build the world in which the book takes place. A saying that is so small and simple has the potential to be so much more if you just take the time to think about it and what it means to you as a person.

Once you have an idea of what they mean to you you can simplify it. You can teach your child what they mean to you. You can ask your child what they think they mean to them. Your child may not view things in the same ways that you do and that’s alright, everyone has a different idea as to what the true meaning of affirmational sayings mean to them.

This is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it. I think it would make a great first reader book, a great gift for a baby shower, it has so much potential. In the end I hope it becomes a loved book on your shelf, because to me it’s one of the books that has the ability to speak to adults and children alike. Words are powerful and this book proves that over and over again.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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