{Bark in the Park!: Poems for Dog Lovers: Avery Corman}

{Bark in the Park!: Poems for Dog Lovers: Avery Corman}

{Synopsis} – Go on a walk to the park with all different kinds of dogs and their owners in this funny and charming poetry picture book.
Enjoy Avery Corman’s canine poetry for an Afghan hound, basset hound, beagle, bloodhound, Daschshund, boxer, greyhound, and more as they stroll with their owners to the park.

Is the Pug cute?
Or is the Pug ugh?
Mostly, people love
The little Pug’s mug

Hyewon Yum captures the unique characteristics of the owner and his pet as she beautifully illustrates the humorous walk from each dog’s home to the park and back.

{My thoughts} – Poetry is a fun way for children to learn to read and or express themselves. Many children’s books are written in a poem like form because it helps to make them catchy so that children may possibly remember the storyline better.

The illustrations in this book are really nice. They go well with each of the small poems about many, many different breeds of dogs. I can see this book being useful for teachers wanting to introduce poetry to their class. I can also see it being a nice book for children that like dogs and poems alike. It’s a well thought out book with lots of potential.

I think that any child could learn from this book. Let it be reading, writing a poem or just some line about their favorite breed of dog. This book has unlimited options when it comes to how it can be used in school and at home. I look forward to sharing this book with my girls when they get older as I have always enjoyed poetry.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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